TRINITY, Texas — A Texas woman is lucky to be alive after her rolling vehicle threw her through a church window into a pew early Tuesday morning. The accident happened about 4:30am near Highway 19 and F.M. 1617 in Trinity in east Texas.

The Trinity Police Department says the woman was a passenger in the car with another man and an infant when the car left the roadway, flipping several times. Neither the man nor the woman had seat belts on and both were ejected from the vehicle. The infant was in a car seat and loosely seat-belted in and remained in the car unhurt.

The woman could have been thrown into the side of the church, but luckily, went through a stained glass window before landing on the floor in front of a pew. The woman suffered only minor injuries, not even getting cut when thrown through the glass. Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said the Trinity Chapel church is an historical building and thinks the brittle wood and stained glass of the window broke away easily.

The male passenger was able to walk away after the accident and all three occupants of the car were taken to East Texas Medical Center in Trinity. The cause of the accident is unknown but the accident happened near a fork in the road and the pavement was slick.

The Trinity Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church building is 125 years old and traces its origin back even further to 1882.



Drake and Meek Mill’s beef got physically violent when Meek took out his anger on Quentin Miller — the guy he accused of writing Drake’s raps — by allegedly attacking him in Bev Hills.
Miller claims the beatdown happened at the Nike Store. He’s not specific on when, but says it was after the whole feud blew up in Meek’s face. You’ll recall, Meek attempted to out Miller as the guy who wrote Drizzy’s rhyme on “10 Bands.”
Miller refused to take full credit and denied ghostwriting, which fueled the fan backlash against Meek.
Check out Miller’s clip with VladTV — he says Meek and his crew, the Dream Chasers, jumped him … but adds they scored zero hood points, since he’s a suburban kid who’s hardly the “toughest ni**a.”
New York Police STOP, FRISK, AND ARREST A Black Postal Worker While He’s ON DUTY Delivering Mail!!!

New York Police STOP, FRISK, AND ARREST A Black Postal Worker While He’s ON DUTY Delivering Mail!!!

CROWN HEIGHTS — Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wants the NYPD to investigate the arrest of a postal worker caught on video in Crown Heights last week, an incident he said “could have been another Eric Garner situation.”

Adams, a former NYPD captain, stood with the 27-year-old worker, Glenn Grays, and his mother at Borough Hall on Tuesday to release a video of the March 17 arrest.

In it, Adams said Grays is seen in his United States Postal Service uniform, with a package in hand, being cuffed and lead away by at least four plainclothes officers from the 71st Precinct.

Adams said the officers made the arrest shortly after Grays told them off for nearly hitting him with their unmarked police car, which passed him as he was trying to cross President Street near Franklin Avenue on his mail route last Thursday.

“It is not a crime for someone to voice outrage after almost being struck by a vehicle,” Adams said, adding that “members of the New York City Police Department” should be aware that their actions are likely to end up on video nowadays.

“There is someone … called Steve Jobs. He invented this thing called iPhone. Millions of people purchased them. And they take pictures of cops that do things that are wrong,” Adams said.

Grays was issued a summons for disorderly conduct after the incident, Adams said, and declined to speak about the incident because of the pending case. But Grays mother, Sonya Sapp, a Fort Greene resident and mother of six, spoke for him.

“As soon as I saw the video, I immediately started crying because I worry about all my boys, every day, every minute, every second of every day,” she said.

“I raised him to be humble,” she said of Grays, holding back tears. “And if the cop could have just humbled himself and just let it go, it would have been a lot easier.”

“I’m just so sorry it happened,” she added.

Adams is calling on the police department to relieve the four officers in the video of plainclothes duty immediately and for the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau to investigate the incident. The police department did not answer questions about the status of the officers involved, saying only in a written statement that “the matter is under internal review.”

On Tuesday, Adams praised Grays, who he said has never been arrested before, for keeping his cool during the “traumatizing” incident.

“This could have been another Eric Garner situation if Glenn would not have responded as calmly as he did,” he said. “Haven’t we learned from Staten Island?”

He stressed that the video does not reflect the “thousands” of officers who do their job correctly, nor the mayor or police commissioner, whom he praised for making “great strides” in police training. Still, he described the actions in the video as “a relic of the past.”

“When you see the video that shows nothing went wrong, it’s hard to not believe that the only reason Glenn was handcuffed was because of the color of his skin,” he said.

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Promises To Raise The Dead For $1,000 Is Now Being SUED!!!

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Promises To Raise The Dead For $1,000 Is Now Being SUED!!!

Yakim Manasseh Jordan is a self-proclaimed prophet who says that he can predict the future and heal the sick. And for just $1,000, he says he can even raise the dead.The Brooklyn, New York native Jordan has said in several sermons that he has successfully raised the dead. In one sermon, he described his work with the “Johnson Family” saying, “When he got outside the hospital he called and said your mother that died a couple of hours ago came back to life.”

But now Jordan is being sued in dozens of lawsuits from hundreds of frustrated people who have no idea how Jordan got hold of their phone numbers but would love nothing more than for Jordan to stop robocalling them with promises of miracles and seeing the future.The Lord began to speak to me and he showed me major losses that you have experienced within the last two to five years,” Jordan says in the message before promising you and a loved one will soon see “a miracle favor cloud,” “a prosperity blessing,” and a “financial blessing.”screen-shot-2016-03-21-at-2-24-02-pm

As for which loved one, Jordan has an answer for that, too. “It’s almost as if the second letter of the second syllable in the name is like a vowel making an ‘ah’ or an ‘a”’ sound,” he says. “I must know how much money you are asking God to release. So write me back, and email me immediately…I have to give you this prophesy.”

But the people he is calling are fed up with his prophecies.

“It is miserable,” 20-year-old Tyrell Crosby told the Daily Beast. “I have no idea how they got [my number] but they’ve been calling for over a year.”

Jordan is reportedly facing dozens of lawsuits for his claims.

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